0.5 GRAM CARTRIDGES ( Vape Pens )

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Cannabis Oil Vape Cartridges

Online Weed Supply Vapor offers both Live Resin and high CBD oil which is available in half or full gram vape cartridges. Alpine also offers a line of disposable vape pens, cannabis oil syringe refills and vape batteries.

Cartridges & Packaging

The earth-tones, and gilded-age design give the product a nostalgic feel. The packages are clearly labeled with CBD ratios, cannabinoid content and strain type.

The weight of the cartridges conveys a sense of quality and durability – this is due to the medical-grade stainless steel, and Pyrex glass used for production.

OnlineWeedSupply Vape Battery

OnlineWeedSupply offers two branded battery options that are your standard 510-threaded battery (eGo threading). Both batteries use a simple, single-button operation.

Their short battery has a energy storage capacity of 450 mAh (lasts about 300 puffs on a full charge) while their variable voltage battery has a 650 mAh battery capacity (lasts about 500 puffs).

The variable voltage battery is fitted with an adjustment dial to easily control the voltage.


Lab Facts

CBD oil vape cartridges:

  • Harlequin (hybrid) – 58.72% CBD : 19.24% THC (3:1 CBD to THC ratio)
  • Cannatonic (hybrid) – 42.49% CBD : 37.67% THC (1:1 CBD to THC)

Live Resin oil vape cartridges:

  • True OG (indica) – 75.38% THC
  • Jack Herer (sativa) – 82.60% THC : 0.78% CBD


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